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David offers intuitive and sensitive healing in his therapeutic bodywork.

David A Cutler, CMT

David’s bodywork practice has developed over the years by combining numerous physical and energy techniques in his massage work. By talking with the client, he is able to assess what is going on with the client, what the client needs, and what they are expecting from the session.


For example, if the objective is to help the client unwind, a combination of Swedish, Myofascial Release and Marma Points

may be used to gently coax the fascia tissue to release and allow the associated muscles to breathe and ease. If the client is looking for an energy boost, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Polarity and Acupressure may be integrated into a stimulating routine to help reunite the muscles and generate more endorphins to the treated areas.


The most important aspects about his practice are to create a safe environment for each client so that they are comfortable communicating their needs and to ensure they know that he is adept at working with them in addressing their goals.


David holds a certificate from the Somatherapy Institute and is certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC).


**ON HIATUS as of DECEMBER, 2020**



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